Thank you for thinking of CoRR and the families we serve when considering your charitable giving. Your support goes a long way and we want you to know that we are careful stewards of your gifts.

We are truly grateful for your gift. Donations are an important part of making quality services available to people that need them, including children and adolescents. We feel excitement and enthusiasm when receiving each and every gift; knowing what it can do for people in our programs, and also feeling supported in our mission. Donations do not support a big development department or marketing budget. Everyone pitches in for our events and outreach: staff, volunteers and residents. When you get a mailing, it was written and designed in-house, and stuffed and sealed by volunteers, or women at Hope House, or alumni who want to give back. So your gifts can go to the programs that help people recover, get back on their feet, support their families, and give back to their communities.

We respect your privacy and we subscribe to the highest ethics while raising funds for Community Recovery Resources.CoRR will never sell or give our donor list to another organization. We will check with you and respect your preferences when acknowledging your gift, and will not publish individual names without your desire. Though we need your support throughout the year, you will  receive only limited solicitations CoRR.

As you support families and community through CoRR, we in turn want to be accountable to you. CoRR participates in an annual certified audit, which is reviewed by our volunteer Board of Directors. In addition to meticulous reporting of revenues, we detail the cost of raising funds.

Thank you for partnering with us as we work to combat the destructive effects of substance abuse and related behavioral health disorders on families and children. Together, we can change lives and build strong families.

CoRR is a tax exempt, not-for-profit organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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