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Our clinical staff will work with each individual to create a wellness plan that builds on their strengths and addresses their needs to support successful recovery, family strength, and overall health.

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Outpatient Treatment

  • Mental Health & Recovery Services
  • Mothers in Recovery (MIR)
  • Family Services
  • Criminal Justice Services
  • Assessment Services
  • Intervention Services
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Inpatient Treatment

  • Begin your journey to recovery and wellness at Hope House, Serenity House, or Auburn Residential.
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Supportive Transitional Housing

  • For individuals who are currently abstinent and need a supportive and supervised environment.
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Adolescent Treatment

  • ADAPT – Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program
  • Adolescent Outreach
  • SIP – Student Intervention Program
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Life Skills Services

  • Parenting
  • Anger Management
  • Batterers Intervention Program
  • Lifeskills and Literacy
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Testing Services

  • Drug Testing Services
  • Drug Free Workplace Training
  • Harm Reduction
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Other Services

  • Get information, be safe, find referrals at our drop in center.
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