Adolescent Services

ADOLESCENT OUTREACH – focuses on substance abuse prevention and making healthy/responsible choices

  • Weekly at  Nevada County Juvenile Hall for incarcerated adolescents – free
  • Weekly Drug Diversion & Support groups at select local high schools – for students – free

SIP – Student Intervention Program – provided to support healthy life choices

  • 4 week court mandated program for adolescents; minor drug or alcohol offenses; court referral required
  • $250 & Sliding fee scale

PARENTING – Tactics and techniques to improve parenting skills

  • 12 week programs utilizing the PARENT PROJECT (age 11-17) & LOVING SOLUTIONS (age 3-10)
  • Programs Certificate and workbook upon completion – Ongoing Parent Support Groups
  • Sliding fee scale and/or some funding assistance may be available


The purpose of the Adolescent Outpatient Program is to promote the well being of at risk youth by educating them about the risks and consequences of alcohol and other drug use and abuse. The Program helps young people change their lives for the better. The key is whether they have the motivation skills and support to be successful. Family involvement historically provides positive long term treatment outcomes. CoRR offers family support groups as part of the Adolescent Outpatient Program.

If change is the destination, then CoRR can be the vehicle that empowers adolescents to get there.

Phase I: Education Phase (12 weeks)

  • Module 1: Why am I here
  • Module 2: Values
  • Module 3: Alcohol/Other Drugs & their effects
  • Module 4: Use, abuse & Addiction
  • Module 5: Faulty beliefs
  • Module 6: Living with others*Personal Treatment Plan

Phase II: Action Phase (12 weeks)

  1. Feelings
  2. How we change
  3. Personal Inventory
  4. Refusal skills
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Trust Building*
    Personal Treatment Plan

Phase III: Intensive Intervention Phase (12 weeks)

  • Module 1: Self Esteem
  • Module 2: Family
  • Module 3: Feelings
  • Module 4: Coping Skills
  • Module 5: Relapse Prevention
  • Module 6: 12 Steps/Spirituality*Personal Treatment Plan

Participants benefit from the ongoing feedback and support they receive from their instructor and classmates about their customized Treatment Plan.

Participants leave the program with confidence and a roadmap needed to successfully achieve a complete healthy, and responsible lifestyle.

Interactive journaling is an experiential writing process that we utilize to help participants personalize information and concepts. The process of journaling builds self-responsibility, promotes self-efficacy, and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

The Adolescent Outpatient Program now offers No cost Minor Consent Medi-Cal to adolescents who qualify.

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