Drug Testing Program

If a member of your family had a fatal disease, wouldn’t you want to know? Drug Testing is an early intervention/ detection tool for treating chemical dependency and substance abuse.

CoRR has teamed with the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, the World Leader in Drug Testing and Integrated Management Solutions, a leading developer of software for the Department of Defense and NASA, to bring an innovative solution to Drug Testing and Reporting Capabilities for our community.

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CoRR’s Drug Testing Program will:

  • Increase Access
  • Improve Access
  • Reduce Costs

Emit Immunoassays

Siemens Emit Immunoassays are the most widely used and scientifically documented screening tests for drugs of abuse. No other drugs of abuse screening tests have a longer or more reliable record. Emit test results have been upheld at the highest level of the American judicial system: the United States Supreme Court.

CoRR uses a rigorous process to ensure the reliability and accuracy of all our Emit Assays.

Siemens Viva E system used by CoRR at our Grass Valley Facility has passed rigorous testing protocols to show that it can consistently distinguish between negative (drug free or containing drug levels below the Emit Assay cutoff) and positive (containing drug levels above the Emit Assay cutoff) samples.

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