CoRR has developed quality programs focused on adolescents to provide prevention and early intervention. A  holistic, multi-disciplinary and strengths-based approach to treatment results in excellent outcomes. CoRR’s programs promote self-esteem, accountability, and provide teens with tools they need to become healthy. CoRR’s programs help young people make better choices while offering them ideas and techniques to better deal with their hectic world.

The Student Intervention Program (SIP) is a brief  4-week diversion program. The purpose of CoRR’s Student Intervention Project is to provide an effective, targeted diversion program to reduce recurrence of youth substance abuse and increase student attendance. Students who receive a drug or alcohol citation are referred to this brief (30 day) diversion program composed of group therapy and one-on-one counseling sessions,  with sessions also attended by the teen’s parent or guardian. Two drug screens–one at intake and the other at completion–are performed to support accountability, measure outcomes, and celebrate success.

Adolescent Outpatient is a more intensive, 12-36 week outpatient program for adolescents who have identified challenges with drugs or alcohol. The program includes group and individual counseling and family counseling, and a greater degree of family involvement. Each student builds a personal treatment plan. Topics include effects of drugs and alcohol; values; coping skills; self-esteem; trust-building; communication; relapse prevention; and personal spirituality.

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